5 steps to train a cat to defecate in a litter box

5 steps to train a cat to defecate in a litter box : Anyone can do it easily.

Problems with cats that do not excrete properly. Sometimes they release biological weapons on pillows and sofas, which is one of the most troubling problems for cat owners. But this time it won’t be a problem like that again. When we are going to train a cat to use a simple litter box in 5 steps

1. Place the sandbox in the right place.

Should choose to put the sandbox in a clean, peaceful place without crowd. This is because cat behaviors are generally quite privacy-conscious and stressful. making it possible to place the sandbox in a place where there are a lot of people passing by This may make the cat scared or feel insecure. until refused to use Including the place where the sandbox should be easy access cats and place it away from feeding points for good hygiene.

2. Prepare a litter box that is one more than the number of cats in the house.

I believe that most owners do not know that cats actually do not like sharing litter boxes, so if anyone has multiple cats should prepare a litter box at least as many cats in the house. The veterinarian recommends that there should be more cat litter boxes than the number of cats in the household. For example, if you have 3 cats, you should have 4 litter boxes. This will cause the cats to fight each other and cause stress. all from cat behavior naturally, they tend to cherish their locality or your very own territory.

3. Take the cat to try it out.

When we have already prepared the sandbox. It’s time for the cats to try it out. Usually kittens are quite learned and you can use your own sandbox by nature starting with the kitten in the litter box for him to get to know and get used to. Then every morning after eating, including If you find that the kitten pretends to want to go to the bathroom. To carry his younger brother to the sandbox. After that, he will begin to learn that if he wants to excrete, he will automatically come to the litter box.
As for who has raised an adult cat It may take a little more patience by allowing him to try to get acquainted with the sandbox. Make sure you don’t feel that the litter box is something scary, and then slowly take the cat to the litter box to defecate whenever possible. On the beginning may be in a limited space, such as in a room, and then put the sandbox in one corner. so the cat can get used to and learn to use the sandbox faster

4. Compliment when the cat agrees to use the litter box.

When the cat uses the litter box, keep showing love or compliments, such as stroking the head, talking softly. or do what the cat likes in order for him to learn positively that if he uses the sandbox will find good things. This will encourage the cat to use the litter box more. However, If the cat’s excretion is messed up cats, should not be punished by loud scolding or hitting. Because cats don’t understand punishment. So the best thing to do is ignore the cat. If it’s a kitten or a cat, the baby may be carried to the litter box so he understands that later he must defecate here. Including cleaning where the cat’s excretion is littered with no odor. The cat will not come to use the service twice again.

5. Keep the sandbox clean.

No one would want to use an unclean bathroom. Of course, so are cats. Plus, cats are animals that love cleanliness so much that if the litter box is dirty. The cat won’t ever use it. That’s why we should clean the litter box every day. By regularly scooping out the cat litter and cat waste, and every week, the entire litter box should be replaced and the litter box itself washed.
If we take good care of the cat litter box In addition to the cats are healthy, cheerful and bright. It will also make cats less prone to diseases related to the cat’s digestive system. Because there is no need to restrain the excretion itself. Therefore, we can say that the litter box is another very important aspect of cat care that every owner should absolutely not overlook. But besides the litter box, be sure to feed your cat a quality and useful cat


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