Choose the right sand for your beloved cat.

Sometimes the pet sitter doesn’t know which cat litter to choose. Or is there any kind of cat litter to choose from? P Whale will tell you what cat sand is? what kind of sand does it have?

When raising a cat, besides food, bedding, and toys. You must also prepare a cat toilet, and in the bathroom, there must be something called cat litter. Cat litter will help reduce the smell of feces or cat urine as well. Without you having to rely on air fresheners to kill germs or hood. If you have cat litter, you won’t have to put up with these unpleasant smells anymore.

Cat litter can be divided into 4 main types.

1. Non-clumping
For this type of cat litter, it is mainly composed of magnesium oxide MgO. For this substance, it has the ability to absorb moisture or water well. Therefore, when it hits the sand, it will not coagulate, so people who raise cats do not like this type of sand. Because when collecting feces or cleaning the litter box will be difficult.

2. Coagulated form
This type of cat litter contains mainly bentonite. Bentonite has a special property that if exposed to water or moisture. The sand will coagulate, making it easy to separate the lumps. Most cat owners tend to use coagulated sand. because when the cat urinates or feces. The owner will be able to clean it up easily because the sand clumps together.

3. Natural cat litter
It is a cat litter whose main components are made from natural materials such as sawdust, barley, pine, etc. Nowadays, people are increasingly turning to natural materials in their daily lives to save the planet.
As for the cat litter, there is also a litter made of natural-friendly materials as well. But this type of cat litter will cost a bit higher than the price of general cat litter. The advantage is that it can reduce the bad smell from the cat’s excretion as well. The disadvantage is Because this type of sand is lightweight. The sand may follow the cat’s fur.

4. Silica gel cat litter
This type of cat litter is made from sodium silicate. Sodium silicate is a small grain of sand. Like crystals, they are lightweight due to their ability to reduce odors from cat waste. If the slave chooses to use this type of sand, it will only collect cat feces. This saves a lot of cleaning time. But the thing to be careful is This sand can trace a cat’s fur.

However, a good quality one may not be the right litter for your cat. Choosing the one that is right for your cat will do better for your cat. Because hygiene is an important issue that cannot be overlooked.

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