How to safely feed a cat medicine


Many times, when your cat is sick and needs to be administered at home. Some people may not be able to or do it the wrong way. Today, P Whale will explain how to feed medicine correctly and safely without stressing Meow!

which will classify the type of drug first, starting from

1. Take one hand from the back of the cat’s head. Place your thumb and index finger behind the fangs to allow the cat to open its mouth.
2. Slowly hold the younger one up.
3. Take the pill with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Use the rest of your fingers to help open the cat’s mouth wide. Place the pill inside the throat. and immediately shut your mouth
Stroking the cat’s neck (in the top-down direction) will make it easier for the cat to swallow the pills.

Sprinkle the medicine into the food (any kind of sprinkle the medication in the food may need to be adjusted according to the cat’s condition. Make sure to ask your veterinarian before giving any medication.)
Give the medication strictly according to the dosage and time recommended by your veterinarian, and should not eat drugs or supplements for humans at all. Kittens can be life threatening.

Liquid medicine
1. Hold the cat’s head loosely. hold up slightly
2. Insert the syringe into the back of the fangs. (The part of the upper lip is slightly drooping) Squeeze the liquid medicine in slowly.

Eye drops
1. Use one hand to support the cat’s chin from behind and hold it face up.
2. Free hands help press the cat’s head. Ready to use your fingertips to open your eyes then drop the medicine into the head of the eye.
3. If there is liquid dripping out, using gauze to absorb it.
Storage of eye drops in the refrigerator that placed until the drug is the same temperature as human skin. Then use the cat eye drops.

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