Google 3d Animals How to bring animals into your home with AR on the Google web

In 2019, Google introduced the 3D Animals feature. AR technology makes animals different that can be displayed in AR format on mobile. You have a smartphone or a tablet-like iPhone iPad Android operating system installed with GOOGLE AR Core can easily have animals in the house via mobile phone. How to use the Google 3D Animals feature is easy.

Just open Chrome or Safari, go to, type the name of the animal you want like cat, dog, horse, lion, whale, etc. into the search box. It will appear on the mobile phone in 3D format.

In addition to having animals appear on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. It can also move. You can move it, scale it up, take a photo or video clip as you like.

In the Covid era that continues It’s a feature that’s great for solving boredom or killing time. Anyone who wants to have a pet is another feature that answers the most!


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