When everyone has to work from home Some people have problems working late because our cats are often disturbed. or the cat is hypnotized from working You have to come play with me, Humann. don’t rely on work must play first Today, Mr. Whale has a helper. Intelligent system toys from KAFBO that will surely please both the cat and the owner.


1.Smart cat toys

smart toy To awaken your cat’s enthusiasm, the Smart cat toy is designed to look like a prey with feathers fluttering around. Come out of the 6 holes for Little cat to pamper and enjoy. The boss can press the button to change modes instantly, there are 3 modes in total.

1)Normal Mode (Yellow), the feathers will come out automatically from 6 holes and automatically turn off after 8 minutes.

2)Smart Mode (Blue) During the day, it turns itself on for 1 minute at 4 hour intervals and shuts down. It goes into standby mode at night. This one, Whale recommends turning on this mode.

3) Feather change mode (purple) when pressed to this mode. The feathers are automatically unfolded, the boss can easily press power off to change the feathers. (If the feather is damaged, P Whale has a spare feather for sale.)



2.Dancing fish

Dancing fish a fish, a favorite toy of P Whale. This toy has a special mechanism that can move around with just a light tap. Like a real fish! The boss can keep the switch on. Let the cat paw all day without getting bored. Plus, it has the smell of catnip that smells so good. Every cat is satisfied.

!! And please be careful of fakes !!




3.Eggshell Biennial eggshell Super cute, available in 3 colors, is a high-tech playmate for the cat. The on-off system is a touch system. in order to prevent our cat from pressing it off If the cat pats the egg, it will spin automatically. (If the cat doesn’t play, the egg will save the fire by itself)


Now our little cat is enjoying playing. The boss like us has been working hard.

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