Tricolor cats are always a favorite for cat lovers. Let’s take a closer look at the three colored cats. What is really the cause?

1.The tricolor cat is not a breed, but refers to the color of the coat. Many breeds of cats are able to have three colors.




2.Most of the three-colored cats are female. But not that there are no males at all, just hard to find by 99% are female There are only 1% of males.



3.This fur color is related to the sex chromosome of the cat. Because the genes for black and orange fur are present on the X chromosome, female cats with XX chromosomes can receive both black and orange from father and mother can Together with the white fur gene that is not on the sex chromosomes, it becomes a tricolor cat.

      Female cats with (X)(Y) sex chromosomes can only inherit the orange or black fur gene from their mother. This allows male kittens to have only two colors: black and white or white and orange. The male tricolor cat is caused by a chromosomal pairing disorder, which is rare, and this disorder also leads to infertility.




4.The Three-Colored Cat and the Three-Colored Cat Belief are mentioned in the Cats of fortune, finances, wealth, and good luck in Japan, so it is popular to place three-colored cat statues in front of the shop or the entrance of the house.


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