5 ways to befriend your cat to be closer together

Sometimes, when you want to get close to your cat or want to be close with your cat, but get kicked ass or walk away, and all the slaves feel sad at the same time. P Whale will tell you how to approach the cat to befriend yourself. To make the relationship develop even more!

1. Talking softly in a sweet tone.
Even though talking to people with cats seems impossible, but try to think that the cat is one of our family. Try to notice that he will turn to meet our eyes often or cry in response because speaking is not for immediate understanding. But it’s trying to communicate and want to understand little by little.
The important thing is the tone. Most cats tend to have a sweet and sweet voice. If they use an aggressive shout, they will create fear instead. If you can’t figure out what to say to the kitty cat, try saying hello with simple words such as where are you going, are you hungry?

2. Gentle touch
Touching each other is a simple method. You just pat your head. The cat is always gentle. It has helped to increase the intimacy of the master and his servant to an incredible extent. Especially touching and stroking where your cat is happy. such as gently scratching the chin Only then will the cat trust you more.
Caution is not to accidentally touch too hard. It may hurt and do not want to get close to us again!

3. Play and do some exercise.
Running around with cats is another very effective thing. Interacting through cat toys will not only enhance relationships. It also adds a lot of fun and excitement to the cat. But be careful with yourself, as sometimes the cat can be so aggressive that it can accidentally scratch or bite you.

4. Feed the cat treats.
In addition to feeding the cat on a regular basis, giving your cat treats like small fish, squid, or cat-licking treats will make your cat want to approach you even more and like more too. But be careful not to take too much that will damage your health and habits!

5. Spend as much time with your cat as possible.
In the end, making the cat and you more intimate is to spend as much time with him as possible. Even the word true love loses close. It can be used with cats as well.
From asking people around you who have problems that are not close to the cat. Most of the time, when the cat doesn’t approach the owner that will also be ignored and become less intimate. Even if an early approach leads to closeness, don’t make a sudden advance. You have to take it slow and spend time with him little by little.

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