Mr. Whale will take her friends to visit the cat Shrine. to lead the slaves to rake money and gold in their pockets There is also a shrine to the cat of love as well. Get both wealth and love!


Imado jinja shrine is located near Asakusa Temple. It is famous for praying for love. but in addition to enhancing the love also known for the cuteness of the amulet Different types of xiumin that are the image of cat for you to buy and worship together.


GOUTOKUJI is located in the suburbs of Tokyo with a quiet atmosphere. In one corner of the temple, there are many beckoning cats that are called Temple of the beckoning cat and this temple is also the starting point of Beliefs about beckoning cats as well. by focusing on luck and that luck


NANKUNSHA Temple This temple is located in Osaka, the city of commerce. This temple is believed to be a symbol of trade. The left hand beckoning, and the right hand took the property itself. The highlight is the fat cat. Two of them beckon with their right and left hands.


GOUTANJO Temple in Fukui prefecture does not have a wag cat, but it does. Dozens of live cats that the lord has adopted until day by day, the number is increasing until it is called. “Meow Meow Temple” from tourists who go to make merit and play with cats.

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