Keeping your cat active is good for pets. Activities will help you maintain a healthy weight and keep your muscles firm and strong. Make the mind energetic and fresh all the time. Cat can play easily with the owner as well.


1. Use a rope to tie the mouse doll, and then flicker back and forth like a mouse is moving Feathers. It can be attached to a wood or rope to allow the cat to chase the mouse.

2. Another favorite cat toy is the light. You can use a small flashlight to light the ground for the cat to chase around. If it’s a laser, it’s even better because of the small light will look like a small insect. Avoid splashing fire directly into the eyes of the cat as well

3. If the cat wants to lose weight. Try an exercise wheel Jogging wheels do not take up space and let the cat run as he wants

4. You can use items that are already around the house to modify. Or buy a toy to scratch the cat’s claws. Cats also enjoy crawling in and out. Climbing is like climbing a tree. They can also sharpen their nails with a cat scratcher.

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