Cat slaves are facing this problem: cat hairstreaks all over their clothes, beds, and furniture. Today,  Mr.Whale wants to tell you an item that will help remove hair from cat slaves easier than before.

1. Silicone swab
silicone broom A broom is commonly used in barbershops. Because it will make it easy to sweep the hair, small hair, not scattered.

2. rubber gloves
rubber gloves for cleaning the house And most importantly, it must be dry gloves that don’t get wet as well. After putting on the gloves, he took all the fur from the sofa. Because rubber gloves will abrasion and react with static electricity on the sofa. This makes it easier for the fur to come off the sofa.


3. Hair removal roller
It is a direct device for hair removal on clothing. Or furniture just rolling and rolling as we want, the hairs will be glued by the roller easily.

4. Vacuum cleaner
Popular cleaning equipment that many homes choose to use. Because it’s both easy and a lot of time-saving. Importantly, after taking the vacuum cleaner to clean the fur from different parts of the house, don’t forget to remove the filter or filter to clean it.

5. Adhesive tape

Regular rolls of masking tape can also remove pet hair. It is an urgent and affordable hair removal method.
Small hairs, but the problem is not as small as the hair size If we don’t manage it well, it can become a big problem. Therefore, we must not ignore this problem and choose the most suitable method.

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