7 Cat Habits

1. Curious cat

A curious cat has curiosity and likes to explore everything it sees

2. Playful cat

In addition to curiosity, another habit that followed would be inevitable the playfulness of the cat. Trying to explore everything when you find something you’re interested in, you want to try it, touch it, and sometimes it’s too much fun to the point of ruining your belongings.

3. The cat talks a lot.

If anyone has a talking cat in the family i have to say that my friends are very lucky because they will never be lonely, whether sitting, lying down, walking, eating, or even going to the bathroom. There will be friends to talk to all the time.

4. Predator cat

Little meow has a predatory instinct in her body. Always likes to destroy everything that makes him feel offended. Or various stimuli that made him feel like he wanted to hunt the owner must have been familiar with seeing the remains of rats. Or carcasses of birds in the house often

5. Grumpy cat

A cat with this habit will become addicted to people. And very close to home likes to sleep on a warm lap. Or on the same pillow as us when we sleep no matter where humans move, there will be little cats hanging everywhere. The cat will always be by your side. Called sticking together definitely going anywhere around the house.

6. An indifferent cat

This type of cat can tell in one word: there is no cat think of it as a dollhouse decoration. Whether you’re calling your cat’s name, scratching her neck, petting her head, brushing her coat, the only response will probably be a pair of plainly filled eyes.

7. A timid cat

Cats with this personality trait may be alienated from humans. Like to keep quiet and rarely allow anyone to touch his body much also startled they are paranoid with almost everything, so if you have a cat like this you should have a lot of space. Or a safe corner for the cats to hide in too

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