Every year August 8th is World Cat Day, a day when cats around the world will receive royal love. Many slaves took this day very seriously and not just the slaves of today. go back thousands of years Cat slaves still exist in every era. Today, Mr. Whale will take you back to the history of cat slaves. After reading this, don’t forget to give the cat some love.

Cat slaves 1st era: early ancient period cat god of Egypt

The beginning of history of cat slavery began in Africa when the ancient Egyptians introduced the African wild cat (African Wild Cat) as domestication. This gray-haired, black-banded cat evolved from a domesticated ancestor. With milk that lives on trees, which in addition to being the family of cats and animals It is also the progenitor of other animal families. that have similar characteristics, such as a bear and a dog

The Egyptians raised cats to catch disease-carrying rats and feed them on agricultural products. Therefore, cats are regarded as sacred animals and there is a law to execute those who kill them. Bastet, the god of fertility worshiped by the Egyptians, appears in both a feline version and a cat-headed version, physically and human. If the cat in the house dies The family members had to shave their eyebrows in mourning. Sometimes the remains are turned into mummies. At the temple of the goddess Bassette, over 300,000 cat mummies were found buried!

Second Generation of Cat Slave: The Next Ancient Era: Cats rule the world.

In this era, a small boss from the Nile is taking a world tour to different lands. through trading Travel free as a rat hunter on a merchant ship. and as a gift to the emperor Cats became aristocratic pets and spread to the common people. From Egypt to Greece, Persia, Roman Empire to the British Isles Across the Eastern Hemisphere to China Japan and other territories in Asia

because traveling across the world is lonely A love spell between the visitor and the locals arises. Cats from one region mate with another to produce new distinct traits, such as the beautiful Siamese cat Siamese, the Burmese dark brown cat, and the round-faced long-haired Persian cat. through mating Mutations are so numerous that in 2016 the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance announced that the world now has 70 cat breeds.

Cat Slave 3rd Generation: Middle Ages Burn a cat alive

no history free from rebellion So is the history of cat slavery. The cats in the eyes of Medieval Europeans were no longer cute, but were rather demonic, associated with Satan. because of the greater number and nocturnal propensity And it’s hard to control. Cats are therefore associated with witches and evil. Many cat beliefs were born. especially the black cat Anyone who sees a black cat walking in front will be unlucky. or if he saw it with an old woman I can assume that she must be a witch.

Cats were hunted and burned alive throughout the witch hunt. But this human uprising turned out to be the hapless person himself. when the cat is away The mice were cheerful. spread various diseases Especially the plague (Black Death) that killed millions of Europeans …. Humans cannot be completely free from cats.

Cat Slave 4th Generation: Modern Era Everyone has a cat.

Zhao Cat returned to power again. In addition to crossing the sea to open a cat colony in the Americas. Cats have also become popular pets and have become a part of people’s daily lives. The trend was led by Queen Victoria of England to have a fluffy gray-blue Persian cat as her pet.

In 1871, the first cat contest was held at the Crystal Palace, a large glass dome in London, and has continued every year since. 15 years later, the Siamese cat itself was launched. to the world for the first time at this event when the sister of the British Consul in Bangkok Bring the first pair of Siamese cats that the older brother received from the reign of King Rama 5 to compete and win the first prize. Make Thai cats famous far and wide around the world.

5th Generation Cat Slave: Currently, millions of fallen idol cats

The little boss is now a famous net idol. The whole Facebook page has millions of people falling. There are funny wheels, cartoon characters, and other media. Many, whether books or movies about cats that have entered Thailand at least 7 stories in the past year or if you want to touch a live cat You can go to a cat cafe. from last year’s survey, The cat slave capital of Tokyo has 58 cat cafes!

from ancient times to the present Humanity has always been willing to become a cat slaves. And when? Man to declare freedom Stop being a cat slave

Or that day will not be true?!

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