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Taking a shower is a very easy and convenient method. To keep pets clean and prevent fleas and ticks. Bathing your cat two to three times a month is sufficient. Each bath should have enough time for the cat to soak in the water and use a shampoo specifically for pets too.


clean up

Don’t forget to clean the mattress or appliances. of cats not to be a habitat for fleas and ticks including household items that are at risk such as carpets, sofas, or other fabric furniture, as ticks may lurk in them.


Mow the grass to keep it from overgrown

Ticks tend to climb on top of the grass, waiting for the moment to cling to the passing dogs and cats. Therefore, a very simple and effective way to prevent ticks. One way is to keep the grass short and uncluttered so that it doesn’t provide a habitat for fleas.


Use flea scents.

Using a scent that fleas don’t like is another way to prevent fleas from infesting your dog or cat. At present, there are various sprays and volatile substances available for sale. You should also buy a reliable product.

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