Many of you probably have seen many cartoons with cats as characters. Today, ? Mr.Whale chooses some cartoons. To come to know that the cat in the cartoon that we know What breeds are the prototypes from? Let’s go have a look!

1. Garfield The British Shorthair is a fat orange-black-striped cat with a temperament in nature, self-confident, and extremely lazy. My favorite food is lasagna.


2. Marie From Walt Disney’s cartoon the Aristocats, the Turkish Angora is a beautiful white cat with a pink bow. It’s cute and mischievous.


3.Cheshire The striped purple cat from Alice in the wonder land cartoon, I must say that it’s more of a cat spirit. Has a character and appearance that is a little rogue. but even then Always on the good side, helping Alice. The Cheshire breed is the British Shorthair.


4.Puss in boots An orange cat wearing boots, a British Shorthair breed. and has a pleading look in his eyes


5.Luna From Sailor Moon, the black cat who guards the Sailor Knights. In fact, what species is not yet identified? But in the cartoon, it is identified as an alien species from the planet Mau (Moore).


6. (Free) Mr.Whale & Bros

Three fat cats, Brother Whale, the big boss of KAFBO, Silverfish the sassy gray cat, and Little Mistress Goldfish, the mischievous bright orange cat. All of them are hybrids that are adopted by the owner of the page.




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