PRISM, a new design pet house from KAFBO, was designed with Khun Sarin, a textile designer.

-KAFBO pet products are environmentally friendly

-SARIN textile designer

– Concept of PRISM design, when light is refracted, reflected, and the incident is formed as SPECTRUM colored light coming out through the rope. and a crib in all 4 colors

-FUNCTION: In addition to being a resting bed for pets It is also a home decoration and furniture that owners can share.

-Can also adjust the position of the translation as needed by stringing the ropes in the holes.

-PRISM can be stacked together with multiple pieces using lanyards for added strength and fun to tie the ropes.


-CREATIVITY : PRISM can be placed together into various shapes, both vertically and horizontally. various shapes


-COTTON CANVAS 100%, cloth pad, and rope is strong, can be removed and washed

– corrugated paper be strong can bear weight Approximately the cat 4-20 kg. It is also a RECYCLE material.



-ECO-FRIENDLY environmental consideration

Corrugated paper is 100% recycled paper, environmentally friendly / CANVAS fabric, mainly composed of natural cotton fiber, biodegradable / rag. The leftover material is slower to make a crib. used as toys to reduce the amount of waste



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