Brother Whale came to introduce. Preparation before raising cats in condos or limited space. First of all, ask the condo or apartment



Whether pets are allowed or not because sometimes our cats may make noise with others. Therefore, need to inquire to be sure if the accommodation allows pets, you can take the next step.


This cat’s bathroom is very important because it directly affects the owner. Should be placed in a well-ventilated place and cleaned every day to reduce odor problems poop and piss the cat.


The food corner should look for a good corner without ants or cockroaches to disturb. A corner that does not clutter up when walking. The cat’s drinking water should be changed every day as well because clean water will help the cat to drink more water as well.


The story of the viewing seat for the cat Because cats are independent animals. Raising in limited spaces may make you bored with a narrow space, so a simple solution is to find a chair or cat condo near the window. So the little one can sit and lie down and watch the birds outside.


Equipment for cat scratcher that is a very important one because the cat’s instinct have to scratch. If you don’t have the catscracher, your cat will destroy your furniture for sure.

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