Recommend meow anime Ore, Tsushima (俺、つしま) Thai name, call me Tsushima.

Today P’Plawan P’Silverfish P’Glodenfish will recommend anime!

Ore, Tsushima is an anime based on a cat comedy manga. Produced by Studio Fanworks in partnership with the Space Neko Company, it will premiere in Japan in Summer 2021.

Synopsis: A talking tiger-striped stray cat named Tsushima was raised by a kind aunt. (Called uncle because he’s like a man) is Tsushima’s day-to-day story where questions arise between a cat’s point of view and a human.

call me Tsushima The anime will premiere in two versions. But they differ in content and quality.

TV length 1.30 minutes per episode, total 12 episodes
Web The length is uncertain, about 1-2 minutes.

You can view the copyrighted form at Muse Thailand / Bilibili.


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