Mr.Whale has compiled a cute Instagram, cat, a net idol for you to share.


– Little cat Maru melts my heart when I see it


– Two-faced little cat with the color being split right in the middle of the face as if they were different people.


– nala, a mixed breed of cat, Wichian Mat and Tabby Mix with cuteness His eyes were round like he was excited all the time. Make anyone fall in love easily


-hamilton, the cat with white fur under her nose Plus, it’s shaped like a very human mustache. This made this little kitty nicknamed the hipster cat.


-A fat orange cat that was taken by its owner in various poses. together with oil painting or famous images realistically


-A simple black and white cat, but not ordinary with posing with various props, making every picture that comes out is very creative.


-grumpy, the grumpy cat with a look of displeasure the whole time. But it is liked by many people.


– The fat little cat who is very famous from the picture. Little Myo that emerged from the bun. She is also fat and has a nice round face.


– Nong Meow, who is all white, has two black eyebrows. It also makes the younger brother look curious all the time. Brother Whale accidentally furrowed his brows every time.

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