KICHIJOJI CAT FESTIVAL, a cat festival that slaves should not miss

pleasing cat lovers with a cat festival that slaves should not miss in Tokyo’s Kichijoji district.



The Kichijoji Cat Festival takes place in the Kichijoji area. during October It has been running since 2010 and has a number of cat cafes and regular shopping spots in the area.


During this festival, various shops and cafes In this area, food, beverages, and bakery items are all cat-themed. This cat slave must be very happy for sure.


In addition, the cat cafe, Kiriko, also hosted a film about cats, Neko Atsume’s House, a movie based on the familiar cat game Neko Atsume, where cat slaves can watch movies together with the cat. In more than 27 cafes ever.


Atmosphere and handmade products that are available for sale. In addition to goods from the famous cat cartoon Tama cat. and cat mascots for slaves to choose to wear and take pictures for fun In addition, in the event, there is also an artist drawing a portrait of our cat as well.


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