Includes 6 cat movies for cat slaves that Mr.Whale has selected the fun for you to choose to watch.

A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

Bob, the street cat heals the mind of a heroin addict. It was born as a relationship between a stray man and a stray cat that became a favorite partner of people around the world.


If Cats Disappeared From The World (2016)

It is a cat movie that tells the fate of a postman who suffers from an incurable disease. He received an offer from the Deathly Hallows

To extend life for 1 day, but in exchange for 1 thing that will disappear from this world forever, and he will forget all the memories of that item. of that could mean a super cute cat who is like the last friend in his life


Nine Lives (2016)

A workaholic who has almost no time at home. By a strange incident when he suddenly switched bodies with a cat that was a birthday present for his daughter. Until he gradually learned the importance of what is called family.


Finding Calico (2015)

Former headteacher Kyoichi doesn’t like the face of a stray cat. who like to hang around in his house regularly But one day the mischievous cat disappeared. The cold headmaster had to join the rest of the village to find him. That incident led him to question why the cat had only lovers. Even Tae’s late wife used to feed the cat on a regular basis.


Rent a Cat (2012)

Rent a Cat’s cuteness is told through a single woman, Sayako, who lives alone in Tokyo along with several cats. She offers a cat rental service for lonely people, and suggests that they use cats to fill in the gaps in their hearts



Puss in Boots (2011)

puss in boots from Shrek that many people love in this movie. Recounts his adventures before meeting Shrek. Where he must travel with cat girl Kitty Softpaw and the brains of the group Humpty Dumpty to protect his own city safe.





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