6 Island of Slave Cat is Happy IN JAPAN

Today, Mr. Whale would like to present 6 cat islands that cat slaves must be satisfied with. Plus, there are many whale friends waiting for them.



AOSHIMA ISLAND (Aoshima) is the southern island in ehime prefecture, with a population of cats per person up to 6:1. There are no hotels on this island. Therefore, if anyone is traveling to Study carefully, as there are only two round trips per day.


UMASHIMA ISLAND (Umashima) is an island in Fukuoka prefecture with twice the population of cats. But Umashima Island is just a small island. There are no hotels or cafes, there are few ferry trips per day, you have to study the route carefully


YUSHIMA ISLAND (Yushima) is in kumamoto prefecture. In addition to the red-cheeked kumamon bear, there is also a cat island to visit. Because the island is quite steep, traveling within the island focuses on walking. Whoever is going must prepare their legs.


OGIJIMA ISLAND (Okijima) is another island with a dense cat population. It is also an island for the Setouchi International Art Festival. This island is also suitable for art cat slaves.


ENOSHIMA ISLAND (Enoshima) is in the southwest of Tokyo. Kanagawa Prefecture itself. It is considered the closest cat island to Tokyo. In addition to visiting cats, there is also a dragon god shrine to pray for love.


TASHIROJIMA ISLAND (Tashirojima) is a famous cat island. The cat population is almost 4:1, and it’s not far from Sendai. There is also a cat shrine in the island. . . Anyone who is interested in going on a trip to see Phi Whale’s friends, don’t forget to study the route thoroughly. because some islands are just small islands There are only a few boats to the island per day. Mr.Whale doesn’t want you to miss out.


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