How to deal with cat scractcher.

Why do cats like to scratch? Mr. Whale has found the answer for you. Let’s read, shall we?

Scratching is a cat’s instinct to mark its territory. Do not let other cats enter and sharpen your nails and clean nails to be available.

1. Protection before scratching. Using film, plywood, or spraying unsavory smells.

2. Supply equipment cat scratcher and train the cat to get used to it.


When the cat is scratching. A Cat scratcher should be a large safety and appropriate for the cat to stretch out when it scratch and place it in a position that catches the attention of the cat. If the cat is afraid that he does not dare to use it. So put the catnip into cat scratcher to lure the cat to sharpen its claws. The owners can help train cats. By rubbing the cat’s feet, claw the desired area when the smell sticks. The cat will get used to it.

There are many types of cat claws.

In the beginning, you should find many types of nail clippers. There are both placed on the floor and attached to the wall to be placed in different places. In order for the cat to choose which one, which angle, for attaching the nail clip on the wall, look to have a height that fits the cat’s body. The way cats spend their time clawing is by stretching on their hind legs. Therefore, it should be leveled so that the cat can use it.

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