Believe that many people, You’ve probably seen the behavior of cats who like to go into tight spaces. That’s because it likes dark, secluded, not damp and undisturbed places. Sometimes the cat is too big some area and the most popular owner that cats like. That’s the paper box

Studying from the University Utrecht, of the netherlands Researched and found that cats use boxes to treat stress.

The research divided the cats into two groups. The boxed group and the boxless group. Over time, the kittens who received the box had less stress and able to adapt quickly when compared to the cat that didn’t touch the cardboard box at all. The second group of cats are at high risk of stress, which is why they are easily diseased.

Cats are animals that do not like confrontation. If you have more than one cat, most of them each find their own little quiet place to hide from the chaos there. To avoid being uncomfortable with other friends that will cause stress.

นอกจากจะช่วยระบายความเครียดแล้ว กล่องยังทำให้ความอบอุ่นแก่น้องแมวอีกด้วย อุณหภูมิที่น้องแมวชอบอยู่ จะอยู่ที่ 30-36 องศาเซลเซียส

In addition to helping to relieve stress. The box also warms the cat. The temperature that cats like to live in is about 30-36 degrees Celsius.

Another reason cats love cardboard boxes is that they love the smell of paper. With its narrow, dark, non-humid space, and soft, natural scent, it’s easy to get used to and adapt it. If there is a residence relocation Cardboard boxes are a great help in adjusting the basic environment. The paper boxes are used to improve the quality to be stronger and more durable. It’s also designed specifically for cats.  Using the beautiful pattern design and cute to use or some designed to be a piece of furniture in the house.

Credir : Nation tv

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