To the cat slaves who love cats, today is Neko No Hi or Cat Day in Japan. which is to celebrate the little four-legged pet loved by people around the world, Hula


February 22nd of every year is another special day in Japan known as the Day of the Cat or Neko No Hi


The origin came from the imitation of the cat’s pronunciation. As we understand that when our home cat sings. It is pronounced as “meow meow meow”, but in Japan it is pronounced as “Niyaa Niyaa Niyaa” (ニャー、ニャー、ニャー), which ni (ニ) is a kanji in Japanese, meaning number 2 and when the number 2 comes 3 numbers in a row, 222 (Day 22 of the 2nd month) is the origin of “Day of the Cat”


simple love By giving a special gift of KAFBO to the cat.

-Dancing fish


-Smart cat toys

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