Predicting the personality of the cat is difficult to predict the personality traits of each breed of cat. which may be believed or not It depends on whether the prophecy of Doctor Cat’s father matches the cat owner’s personality or not. Doctor Meow will come to guess the owner’s habits from all 4 breeds of cats as follows



1.The personality of the Persian cat   He is a cat that likes to sleep a lot. The cat fortuner would like to predict that…. The owner is a homebody. I don’t like going out. Dr.Cat fortuner said that…. Love to sleep


2. Siamese Cat is a cat who likes to sing all day. So Dr.Cat predicted that… Owners are likely to enjoy being jovial, social, and good at communicating.



3. Three-colored cats are cats who want to be pampered. like beautiful things Doctor Meow would like to predict that… the owner of the tricolor cat will be the one who loves the family with a big house. Doctor cat confirm



4.American Short Hair He is an ordinary cat in the house, loves his home, loves his family, but has an independent corner. Therefore, Dr.Cat thinks that the owner of cat should have a personality that loves freedom. but also love to show love to others Doctor cat confirm!!!


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