What is “cat spray”?

Urinating around the house, sometimes urinating on things is damaging and smells bad.

For example, on a fabric sofa, a plastic bag, or on a stack of books. It’s a pee


Cat spray symptoms are caused by?

There are two main reasons why cats behave “spray”. show of ownership or create your own territory

And the spray may be caused by stress in cats, such as moving the pet home. being locked up or kept in a room Want to show ownership or create a territory, such as a rental apartment, apartment, dorm, or apartment where cats can be adopted.


How to get rid of cat spray smell

Some cats may urinate in the same spray over and over and cause a foul smell. To get rid of the smell, use baking soda mixed with water and spray it on the area where the cat pees. Helps to eliminate odors well If you pee on clothes that need to be washed, soak them in baking soda for a while and wash them as usual. will make the lingering smell fade away There is also a ready-made spray to prevent cats from urinating in unwanted places. and pheromone sprays help cats feel relaxed.

cat spray solution

cat spray solution First things first, you need to know why cats are behaving in sprays. If caused by stress because of being fed by being locked in a room for a long time. Maybe put the cat in a cage and take it for a walk or open the curtains to let the air and sunlight shine through. Let the cat feel relaxed.  If caused by the creation of territory showing ownership, Cats should be neutered. Should be done from small 5-6 months. Sterilization can help reduce the spray. But if the cat sprays first, it can’t reduce the symptoms. However, you should consult your doctor before sterilization.

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