It’s one of the best ways for cats to show their love. If the cat makes a sound like this nearby, it means that it is showing love and comfort to us.


Cat comes to snuggle up to leave a scent on us to show ownership, and it also shows the gentleness of cat as well.


the cat stares into our eyes to show love and concern for the slaves. If you don’t really love cats, you won’t make eye contact.


The cat came to give a message to show the love that the cat learned from the mother cat from a young age. It also shows a sense of security when you are with us. But there is another type, which is the cat massages in order to find a bed.


The cat shows her belly, and the belly is the part that Nong Miao Huang is very much. If you can turn your belly up so we can see it. This means that the cat has already shown his trust in us.

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