Supalak cat

“Help promote people’s masters. and there is money pouring in.”

Supalak cat breed There is another name called “Copper” which doesn’t look difficult at all. Because the color of the hair that is already evident is the copper color itself. sparkling eyes Mischievous like other cats, but it is believed that anyone who raises a Thai Supalak cat breed will have luck in terms of fortune, rank, and position. There is prosperity in the business of trading. Doing various businesses.

Siamese cat

“Having more wealth free from disease”

The Siamese cat is an ancient Thai cat typically white or light brown, with dense fur, but burnt tan on all nine spots, nose, two ears, four feet, genitals, and tail. Big, bright blue, sparkling eyes. increase free from disease. In the past, it was also a cat that was popular with many small elites.

Male cats or Sisawad Cat

“Find happiness both physically and mentally. have peace Only found things that were auspicious in life.”

Malay cats are also known as roan cats. The distinctive feature is inevitable that the hair color is silver-gray all over the body. No other color was added his eyes were both amber and pale green. Who has a roan or Malay cat? will find happiness both physically and mentally have peace and find something auspicious in life. The birthplace is not far from Phimai District. Nakhon Ratchasima Province so there is another name “Korat cat” sure enough.

Shaved cat

“Enhance work and learning is the power of ascendancy.”

Shaved cats (or Konja) are distinguished by their black fur throughout their body. The hair is short and tight. The eyes are greenish yellow. Looks agile, agile, set ears, round head, but not too big with the appearance of all black. Therefore, there is another name, “Dum No”, believed to help enhance the career and study as a power of ascendancy. Be pleasing to receive mercy from the master. It will help to be successful in the future as well.

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