Even if some slaves planted nothing, some herbs are easy to grow. If the house has a garden You should try planting herbs for cats. Because some herbs are good medicines and are beneficial to cats. Plus the cat also likes it.


Each cat is different. so it would be the best. You should first discuss the use of any herbs on your cat with your veterinarian.

Have fun growing herbs!

1. Cat grass (Catnip)

Cat grass is the king of feline herbs. Every cat in the world loves cat grass. for that reason, It makes cats happy. It’s similar to after-work cocktails for cats, in that it helps relieve stress and anxiety. If your cat likes to scratch himself and has skin that is always itchy cat grass tea bath will help soothe your cat’s skin as well.

2. Cat Thyme

If your cat has no reaction to cat grass. The cat thyme may become your best friend and your cat. But you just have to be able to tolerate its foul smell. Cat thyme has the same effect as cat grass. is that it produces results that feel happy for cats, doesn’t everyone like happy cats? If you need to plant thyme leaves You may need to plant several plants. because of the fact that it grows very slowly

 3. Chamomile, marigold, and echinacea (Chamomile, Calendula, and Echinacea)
These three herbs have many medicinal properties. This includes the relief of certain skin conditions, such as itching. Consult your veterinarian about how best to use it for your cat and in what form. Most herbalist veterinarians will prepare these three herbs in the form of an alcohol solution.

4. Licorice Root
licorice root for cats. It’s not just good taste. But it’s good for you too. Licorice root is naturally derived cortisone. Used to soothe the skin of kittens that are itchy or allergic. Helping with endocrine glands (endocrine glands affect the digestive system growth and mood) and respiratory problems such as colds, as can help suppress mucous membranes. Other benefits of licorice root include blood detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties. So it’s very useful for cats with arthritic issues.

5. Yellow Chatchawan and Dandelion (Cat’s Claw and Dandelion Root)

Both of these herbs are good for you and your cat. An alcohol solution extracted from both plants will help an itchy cat. Especially itching caused by allergies. Because it contains natural cortisone if your cat wants to slim down. Try making a salad made from dandelion leaves.


6.Golden Seal (Goldenseal)

Golden Seal is not the title of a new James Bond episode. But it’s the name of an herb that’s helpful to your cat. Golden Seal can be used as a disinfectant for wounds and if mixed with saline. It can also help reduce puffy eyes due to infections and allergies.


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