The hidden cat’s secret Let’s go and see what’s up.

1. Photocell

Cats are believed to be very good-sighted animals, but in reality, cats may not be as good-sighted as we think. Because the cat’s eye, although it sees in the dark 6-8 times better than that of humans, does not see very well in bright light. Anyone who has a cat will notice that in bright light the pupils of the cat’s eye are shrunk to reduce the visible light exposure. This allows cats to see in bright light only about a foot away. sneak up on prey Also, cats can only see blue and yellow. While not very good at seeing green and red. Making the world that cats see is a bit paler than what we humans see.


2. Whiskers
Talking about the mustache of cats, this is said to be the treasure of cats. Because the cat’s mustache is a special organ used to sense itself. In comparison, a cat’s whiskers are like a radar that helps them perceive and explore their surroundings. time in the dark Make the cat move confidently The whiskers are longer and thicker than their body hair. And the cat’s whiskers are always the same length as the width of the cat’s body. So in a narrow alley, If the cat’s whiskers can pass, the cat will too. Knowing this importance, who is the cat? Never cut a cat’s whiskers. because that would make him lose his confidence until he was dizzy


3. Cat ears
Cats are very sensitive creatures. It is said that the ears are many times better than humans. this excellent hearing allows cats to use listening as one of their senses to hunt for prey. Because they can hear the little sounds that small animals like rats or rabbits make. Thus, cats are able to find their prey even if they are hiding anywhere. But at the same time, cats hate loud noises and dislike being in busy places. Because cats can hear up to 10 times louder than humans, of course, those sounds have a negative effect on your cat’s health in the long run. Anyone who has a cat should have a quiet area for the cat to rest and should not take the cat anywhere. Busy and noisy for long periods of time


4.Cat nose

Although not as good at sniffing as dogs cats have a very good sense of smell. Because a cat’s nasal cavity, compared to its body size, is considered to be 5 times larger than a human’s, so cats use their sense of smell to distinguish who is who. Including using scent to create territory as well. And it’s not strange when cats eat anything. Always have to smell food before eating. Because cat behavior uses smell to decide whether the food is appetizing or not. As cat owners know Cats are really picky creatures.

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