Hello, It’s December. The weather is getting colder and doesn’t forget to take care of yourself and the health of the cat at home. Today, Mr. Whale has 5 warning signs that our cat has a cold. If you have any of the following symptoms, be prepared to take them to the doctor.


1. lethargy, anorexia
This is a very noticeable early symptom when a cat becomes sick. Although it is not specific to what disease it is. But it is a signal that needs to be paid attention to and observed.


2. coughing sneezing runny nose

Sick cats may cough. Which found both coughing with phlegm or no phlegm This could mean the birth of a neck. up to the lungs and bronchitis Cats with a cold may experience clear or thick mucus, sneezing, depending on the severity of the disease. These symptoms will indicate that there is a problem with the airway.


3. Tears
In case the cat has a more severe cold May find that there is a lot of eyelids, the whites of the eyes are swollen and red Eyes swollen to close, tears flow.



4. Tongue, gums, and oral cavity inflammation

Cats with colds may eat less food. or not eating Because when you try to open the cat’s mouth to see a cold may find that there is a wound in the oral cavity that causes cats suffering from cat flu to eat less


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