In general, gingivitis is a common disease in cats. Therefore, cat owners should keep their mouths open to check the health of their cats’ gums and teeth regularly. If you find that your cat has started to have gingivitis, consult a veterinarian immediately for treatment because if left unattended, some of them may escalate into gingivitis and chronic oral inflammation.

1.Factors that cause gingivitis in cats getting older There is an accumulation of bacteria lack of oral care get food that is too soft

2. symptom
Eat less food, lose weight. Bad breath or bad breath Pain when eating solid food, red swollen gums, especially on the sides of the gums that are attached to the inner cheeks


3. treatment

-Physical examination and blood test to look for factors or infections that may be the cause of oral inflammation
-If the physical condition and blood results are ready for anesthesia, it is recommended that scaling or removal of the problem tooth be done first. The veterinarian may then continue to treat the drug with antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.

4. Management and life

– Take care of your oral health by brushing or massaging your cat’s teeth with a special finger pad with toothpaste provided by a veterinarian.

– May be supplemented specialized food or toys To help maintain oral health

****Consult your veterinarian to find the right solution for your cat.


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