Hello!  It’s almost Loi Krathong day, right? Where did the owners float? Comments tell me. But before we go to Loi Krathong, Mr.Whale wants everyone to know how to prevent accidents on Loy Krathong’s day. So that the owners can take care of us for a long time

1. Choose to float Krathong around the pier or a stable and strong pontoon. If taking a boat, wear a life jacket.

2. Do not set fireworks near power lines, gas stations, flammable objects and should be away from the fireworks area 1O meters or more.


3. Avoid releasing sky lanterns near community sources. Or a better way should stop at all, it’s probably better than the hub. to prevent fire accidents


4. Don’t drink alcohol. or intoxicants This point is very important. If you miss it, it’s life-threatening


5. Floating at home. Is there anything safer than Loi Krathong at home? safe and happy

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