Our cats are quite sensitive, and here are 7 things that make them scared or anxious.

1. Stranger
Cats have rarely interacted with humans since they were kittens. Usually, a cat is afraid of strangers. which these cats will hide under the bed or furniture However, strangers should not hold, hold or hug the cat, as this will only cause the cat to run away or act aggressively. But you should give your cat time to get used to strangers and try to interact with cats from the age of 11-12 weeks to prevent him from becoming a fearful cat in the future.

2. Got a new pet

In addition, strangers can scare cats. Cats are often afraid and stressed. When a new cat or pet enters the house, however, if a new pet moves into the home Even if it’s only temporary It’s even more important to introduce pets to each other. Especially, if the cat is rarely seen with other cats or animals. The solution is acquaintance with animals By taking turns sniffing to make sure that the new friend is not a threat. This process can take up to 6 months or even more than a year.

3. Unfamiliar thing

From what we said you can see that the novelty can scare the cat.  It can be anything from objects to people and animals. However, if you look at the big picture. Things may not scare the cat. But if you put a large object somewhere by a new item and looks fun like furniture Cats can take some time to get used to, but you can help them adjust by providing them with a cloth to make it less smell of foreign matter. Getting your cat used to things that should be done gradually, and do it carefully

4. Loud noise

Cats are animals that do not like loud noises. Especially if the noise continues, this will make the cat anxious and stressed. However, the auditory senses of cats are better than humans. Whether it is the noise of vacuum cleaners, traffic noise, construction noise or even the sound from the television can bother cats. If your cat wasn’t used to these sounds as a kitten. It was also likely that he would panic the loud noises.

5. Stay in a wide place

Ever wondered why cats tend to hide under beds, in boxes, or in piles of clothes? This is because cats are predators in their blood that like to hide. Therefore, it tends to feel anxious when in wide and open spaces. If the cat has to walk past the place. or in a room with high ceilings It will feel that it might be attacked.

6. Move to a new house

Like humans, cats are often homesick, and one of the reasons cats feel scared or anxious is the need to move from a familiar environment to a new place. Cats tend to stick to familiar things, places they feel safe, or places they know are plentiful. So changing the environment is one of the most stressful experiences for your cat. You should give your cat some time to adjust.


The thing that makes your cat the most stressful and anxious is punishment. Beating or punishing is very dangerous because it will distrust you. If you have a problem with your cat’s behavior Beating is not a good solution. Because it will make the cat more aggressive, or driving in an unconventional way caused by fear and stress Instead of punishing your cat in harsh ways. Seek help from a cat behavior specialist, and deal with the problem by finding the root cause and maintaining trust between you and your cat.


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