With the cuteness of the cat, many creative people use it in various works. Is there any writing that has a cat in the story? Today, Mr.Whale picked up some stories to recommend to the slaves to go and read.

1. How do you know the cat is planning to kill you?

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

by Matthew Inman

‘How do you know a cat is plotting to kill you?’ But the content inside is super cute Any cat slave who has read it must be satisfied with the behavior story from the cat in a new light. That may look cute but really And it’s planning to kill us.


2. If the world had no cats

If Cat Disappeared from the World

by Genki Kawamura

‘If the world didn’t have cats’ is the story of a postman with an incurable disease. but instead got a chance from a demon who offered him a chance to live on By exchanging one day of life for one important item of his life. young man agreeing to contract and found that the important things around him began to fade Only he remembers which made him start questioning himself Does he really want to live a life full of meaningless memories? The answer lies in the little grumpy gray cat when the devil wants his best friend’s cat in exchange for his life.


3. Bob the cat kicks a dream on the side of the road.

A Street Cat Named Bob

by James Bowen

‘Bob the cat kicks a dream on the street’ is a true story. It started with Bob, a former stray cat who was injured in the hallway of his apartment until ‘James Bowen’, a young man who spent the night, found him. Alone, he could hardly support himself. But he was willing to take care of this smart and friendly orange fur cat until they

Become a bestie roaming around London.


4. Mike Neko Holmes, the detective tricolor cat

Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri

by Jiro Akagawa

‘Mike Neko Holmes, the great detective tricolor cat’ is the story of ‘Holms’, a stubborn but wickedly intelligent female cat, the assistant of a young policeman, Yoshitaro Katayama, seems to be reckless as he is almost afraid of everything in the world, but has to confront and solve the case. Murders and other strange events



Finally, recommend a magazine. Anyone who likes Mr.Whale can read it from Howl magazine.

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