Where in the world is the village of cats who melt slaves? Let’s see.


1. The Old City of Cats, Rome, Italy

A former kingdom that was prosperous in the old days. filled with many ancient monuments throughout the city including stray cats which are in harmony It was like a part of the ancient ruins. It also becomes an add-on to make the photos of tourists look better. There are even people taking pictures of these stray cats into postcards and calendars. The “Gatti di Roma” (Rome’s Cats) series sells out like hotcakes.

The cat here is not in any way at all. He has volunteers to provide him with food, water, and vaccinations from the Torre Argentina Roman Cat Sanctuary, which will raise funds to help provide food and medicine.

2. Cat Paradise Island Tashirojima Island and Ainoshima Island, Japan

There are two islands in Japan known as “Cat Island”. The first is Tashirojima Island. (Tashirojima) is in Miyagi Prefecture. It is said that the cat population that lives there are more people They were raised on the mats by the fishermen there. It is believed that giving food to cats will help the fish catch smoothly. There are also shrines to worship cat gods all over the island.

The second island, Enoshima, is a 20-minute boat ride from the port of Fukuoka. with a large group of cats sitting and lying down Waiting for tourists at the pier The island is also known for its bird-watching spots.

3. Cat Village, Hutong City, Taiwan

Hudong was originally a mining economy in the 1990s, but after the coal mining shutdown Villagers also migrated to work in the city. until this village almost became an abandoned city and then after The cat came and took over…

This village became famous again. As a city for photographing cats, There are over a hundred cats here. Keep coming out to welcome tourists in a friendly manner. And since this city is only an hour away from Taipei by train. This makes it crowded with tourists every weekend.

4.Seaside Cat Town, Kalkan, Turkey

Kalkan is a Mediterranean seaside town. There are many tourists flocking to vacation in the summer. including playing with cats There is also a strong group of volunteers called KAPSA who look after and treat sick cats before they are released.

5.House of Cats, Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Florida, USA

Ernest Hemingway, novelist and famous American short story writer, 1899-1961. On the other side of him was also an extreme cat lover. The house, which is now a museum, still accepts cats. Over 50 animals, like the will of Ernest Hemingway, patrol this part of the museum.

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