After reading this, there must be someone who has become a slave to a cat.

1. Owning one or more cats, you can’t be a cat slave. If you don’t have a cat at all You might have thought that a cat crazy person would have to have multiple pets, but it’s not true! Because a real cat slave can make an ordinary cat One can be a very special cat.


2. Create a Facebook fan page for you Well, your kitty is so cute. until wanting to share with others It’s no wonder why in the social world It’s full of pictures of your favorite pets. And more importantly, you have the idea that cats are like humans. And it should have its own Facebook.


3. Share the same bed. It’s natural for cat lovers to embrace them.


4. Dress Up You have a set of clothes for every cat. Festivals are Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc., you will be very happy. Time to catch it and dress that dress.


5. Know the best angle of the cat. Does anyone know your cat better than its owner? You’ll immediately know if your cat should turn left or right for the best look.


6. Take pictures together anytime, anywhere. You spend time with your cat just like a mother who takes care of her little ones. no matter what Where did you go? Why? Well, you’re a cat slave.


7. Cats are an important factor in your life. You canceled a friend’s appointment suddenly because the cat is sick. You choose to live with it on New Year’s Eve. instead of going to a party knowing that the cat is afraid of the sound of fireworks, plans in your life are disturbed because of the cause.


8. Organizing a birthday party may sound funny But for those who love and raise cats to be more than animals. Will see it as a friend, child, etc., when the anniversary of his birthday, he wants to have a party to celebrate. In the event, the cat next door will be invited to join the party. So jolly, isn’t it?

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