Want to win the cat’s heart? It’s not that easy, is it? Let’s start by trying to find a toy for your little one, shall we? Let’s take a look at what kind of toys the cat likes to play with.

1.One thing that Cat is different from Dog. The cat is the instinct of a hunter stuffed plush toys or the ball snaps It will be something that the cat especially likes because it helps to create enjoyment in playing and as if they were actually chasing the victim Our cats really have predatory instincts.

2 Playing with cat by using a swing rod or a cat litter as an accessory. It’s not a passing game.

In fact, it is a play that is directly useful. When playing, we have to pull the lure, some high, some low, some right, some left.

It was as if the cat had run chasing a mouse on the ground. or hold a wooden handle in the air as if the cat was about to catch a bird

This kind of play teaches cats how to hunt for prey. Playing helps the cat to have good behavior.

Not aggressive, making the cat dare to show up. Plus get exercise.

3 reasons cats love to hide in boxes tucked away in a narrow place That’s because the cat felt that if he was in the box

It will feel safe from other animals. The box is like a bunker. or its hiding place

But this behavior comes from the predator instinct itself. Is it right? If the cat can’t find it, it hides in the box.

4 Cats need to keep their claws sharp in order to hunt, climb and defend themselves. It is also considered to tell one’s own boundaries. Because in the cat’s paw there are smell glands. When a cat scratches somewhere, it causes the smell to stick there. Sharpening your claws also makes your cat feel good. relax muscles It also helps to peel off the dead nail plates. It’s also an exercise. Relieve your cat’s stress. When the servant comes home Mr.Whale cat likes to sharpen her nails to show her happiness. Which house is it? Come and listen to me.

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