Today, mr. Whale introduces 7 ways to train a preliminary kitten. For new cat slaves Although the cat is a difficult animal to train. But don’t just think that you can’t practice. The owner need some patience to train the younger ones.

Practice 1: Call your name familiar. and train him to come and train him to know his own name by calling his name repeatedly in a cute and warm tone. and if he came to Don’t forget to give snacks as a reward. will create a desire to repeat “It should be practiced 2-3 times a day because otherwise the cat may become bored.”


Training 2: Practice using a collar and leash on your cat.

In fact, personally, I would rate the difficulty of training the collar and leash with this cat as a Top 3 level because if we put it on the leash immediately. will lie down Like he’s telling us “Don’t force me. “The correct way to practice is At first, you may have to let him walk on his own leash. After he started getting used to it Let’s just grab the leash now. will be able to control the direction.”

Training 3: Train to eat at regular intervals.

For kittens under 12 weeks of age, they should be fed four meals a day and after that. Reduce to 3 meals a day is enough. An adult cat can eat only 2 meals a day, breakfast and dinner.

“And most importantly, don’t forget to feed at the same time every time. He will have a habit of eating for a while.”


Training 4: Excretion must be in the sandbox only.

Your cat’s instincts will already know that. This is his bathroom. We just encourage him to be more sensible by putting him in the litter box. He would then sniff and paw to get used to. This practice is not difficult.

Practice 5: Sharpening your nails if you don’t practice. Guarantee that the furniture must be broken for sure.

To protect our furniture from breaking or expire prematurely. It is essential to have a place for your cat to sharpen her nails. It will be a sharpening post with a bouquet of cat grass. Or a flat sheet of cardboard to put on top of the cat grass.

“During the training period Don’t forget to reward with compliments. When he comes to use the service to finish the nails, it will be very good. It is a reward for the cat and also helps to maintain the furniture in our home as well.”


Training 6 : Not scolding, not hitting, being a good teacher for the cat.

Do not frighten him. not yelling at or hitting He may make mistakes, do not like him, but remember that he is an animal. and just moved into a new place, must give him time to learn and develop together with us.

Use a positive and calm attitude with your lovely pet like a good teacher.

Training 7: Imitate the mother cat’s voice. Let the kitten know that the mother is not pleased.

If the kitten becomes naughty, stubborn, or acts inappropriately, try imitating the mother cat’s scolding. How to pronounce just by pressing the tongue to hit the roof of the mouth. and make a sound coming out of the throat, for example, if the kitten is scrambling to scratch something Try making the sound of the mother cat scolding. Kittens will immediately know that they are doing something bad. and stop doing it immediately

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